Dr. Diana Wilkie is the Director of the  UF Center for Palliative Care Research and Education.

The director reports directly to the UF Dean of the originating College, the College of Nursing. Through the Nursing Dean, the UF Center for Palliative Care Research and Education reports to the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs.

An Advisory Committee  includes the Deans of the Colleges of Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine, the Director of the Cancer Center, the Director of the Pain Research Intervention Center, and the Director of the Aging Institute.

The  director will provide the leadership and guidance for the direction of the research and facilitate interaction among faculty, staff and students. The  director will:

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among members, students and staff.
  • Create an effective organizational structure that evolves as the center grows and expands.
  • Identify funds to sustain and expand the UF Center for Palliative Care Research and Education activities.
  • Serve as the primary contact with the College of Nursing Dean as the reporting authority.

The Advisory Committee, chaired by the College of Nursing Dean, will meet biannually with the director to review the center’s progress and plans, provide advice to achieve goals, identify potential members from new faculty recruits, and facilitate access within UF and to other resources enabling the director and members to address challenges and strengthen the center.